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Car manufacturers with innovations such as galvanizing and the use of plastics have improved new vehicle rust resistance.

However, your new vehicle is subject to over 2,000 spot welds and numerous bends and folds in assembly. This damages the coating systems, allowing rust to take hold.

This rust is accelerated by our extreme temperature variations and the spreading of calcium on our roads. Rust affects the structural integrity of the vehicle, deteriorates the appearance and reduces its value.

Applied under high pressure...
DURA TECH penetrates inner seams and the tightest crevices
DURA TECH displaces water and moisture present in all vehicles and then bonds to the metal for durable protection.
DURA TECH applied every year will provide your vehicle with a higher resale value.
DURA TECH... a wise and profitable investment!


  • Unlimited mileage!
  • Unlimited transfer of ownership!
  • Renewable annually forever!
Qualified used cars can also receive this coverage.

DURA TECH can end rust progression, even on vehicles which have been treated with inadequate prior protection.


DURA TECH has been developed following years of laboratory research and extensive testing on all types of vehicles.

DURA TECH works on new vehicles, used vehicles, even rusty vehicles.

No more messy driveways damaged by oil sprays.

DURA TECH is clean and economical.

DURA TECH cares for the environment.

DURA TECH can be applied in any weather condition.

Our large bay windows allow you to see every step of the treatment.

Our technicians are trained and certified annually.

Your vehicle is washed following the treatment.


DURA TECH offers you many additional benefits:
  • Protects electrical connections.
  • Helps prevent door locks from winter freeze-up.
  • Penetrates and lubricates nuts and bolts.
  • Eliminates squeaks and creaks and ensures hinges and cables operate smoothly.
  • Lubricates window and door mechanisms.
In the event of an accident, repaired areas are treated at NO COST.

DURA TECH will also send you a reminder for your annual treatment.

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